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I. About me

II. Study resources: What you should read, watch, and explore at the entrance of quantum computing

III. Stories: My sharing about other events, and some anecdotes and thoughts about what I see, feel and experience in my current walk of life.

IV. Quantum things
0. A no-science introduction to Quantum Information

Introduction to quantum information theory
1.1. Fundamentals of Qubits
1.2 Quantum Measurement
1.3 Quantum Entanglement: CSHS Game Implementation (Q#)
1.4. Quantum Operations
1.5. Observables and Measurements

Simple quantum protocols and algorithms
2.1 Quantum Teleportation (Part 1): No cloning theorem & Bell state
2.2 Quantum Teleportation (Part 2): Procedure of the protocol
2.3 Quantum Teleportation (Part 3): Implementation (Q#)

3.1 Deutsch Algorithm (Part 1): Phase kickback & The simple Deutsch problem
3.2 Deutsch Algorithm (Part 2): Deutsch-Jozsa expanded problem
3.3 Deutsch Algorithm (Part 3): Implementation (Python)

4.1 Bernstein-Vazirani Algorithm (Part 1): In search of the hidden string
4.2 Bernstein-Vazirani Algorithm (Part 2): Implementation (Python)

5.1 Quantum Fourier Transform (Part 2)

Advanced aspects of quantum information
6. Mixed state, density operator, and general quantum operations

7.1 Definition of quantum error rate

8.1 Randomized Benchmarking (Part 1): Introduction to RB, Clifford group
8.2 Randomized Benchmarking (Part 2): Protocols for standard and interleaved RB + Implementation


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