Who am I and what the fish is this blog?

About me

Hi, my name is Entangled, a cat who adopted a boy named Trong, my hooman slave… I liken’t when he laughed watching videos of other cats showing off their cuteness. He’s textroverted that is apparently energetic in a texting conversation but may dumb as a fish in a face-to-face. Just send him cat footages to get him engaged.

Okay, here’s the truth. He’s a coming student at KAIST (Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) and inclined to major in Physics plus Computer Science. Before studying in Korea, he graduated from the Informatics-specialized class of High School for the Gifted (HCMC) and attended International University (HCMC) for a semeter. Some may knew him through PiMA, a rigorous mathematics camp for high school students that he really recommend for those who want to get started with novel branches in Math and Computer Science.

Why does this blog exist?

From the beginning of 2019, after a long college application process, he decided to explore something new, and Quantum Computing comes to him as a coincidence. About 3 months later, he had went through a certain amount of knowledge in Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Information, and Quantum Computing. Throughout that time, I while skimming through his books found out that only a few available materials in the field are really helpful for beginners like him. So, I decided to assemble all of his dumb notes and restructure them to make a basic study guide easy-to-follow.

A meowly reminder: First, his notes are just notes; they can be short and kind of understandable but not as complete as well-written textbooks. You definitely should look out for more resources if you really want to get the insight. Second, my editing style is certainly not serious and too playful sometimes that obviously doesn’t suit every one. If this is the case, you should look at my suggestion for rigourous and well-structured materials listed here.

If you spot out a fault or just simply get stucked while reading his notes, feel free to contact him via his email or Facebook messenger. I’m sure he’ll make his best to figure it out, but just keep your expectation low as he’s just an amateur after all. Meww!

Ps: Along with professional stuffs, I also keep this blog as a space for him where he can share his anecdotes and some personal perspectives.

Ps’2: Here’s the contact form if you want to leave a comment on any issues you’ve met. I’m really grateful for all of your thoughts and suggestions.


Entangled Cat

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