MyEntangled index: my suggested order of reading


I. About me

II. Study resources: What you should read, watch, and explore at the entrance of quantum computing

III. Stories: My sharing about other events, and some anecdotes and thoughts about what I see, feel and experience in my current walk of life.

IV. Quantum things
0. A no-science introduction to Quantum Information

Introduction to quantum information theory
1.1. Fundamentals of Qubits
1.2 Quantum Measurement
1.3 Quantum Entanglement: CSHS Game Implementation (Q#)
1.4. Quantum Operations
1.5. Observables and Measurements

Simple quantum protocols and algorithms
2.1 Quantum Teleportation (Part 1): No cloning theorem & Bell state
2.2 Quantum Teleportation (Part 2): Procedure of the protocol
2.3 Quantum Teleportation (Part 3): Implementation (Q#)

3.1 Deutsch Algorithm (Part 1): Phase kickback & The simple Deutsch problem
3.2 Deutsch Algorithm (Part 2): Deutsch-Jozsa expanded problem
3.3 Deutsch Algorithm (Part 3): Implementation (Python)

4.1 Bernstein-Vazirani Algorithm (Part 1): In search of the hidden string
4.2 Bernstein-Vazirani Algorithm (Part 2): Implementation (Python)

Advanced aspects of quantum information
5. Mixed state, density operator, and general quantum operations

6.1 Definition of quantum error rate

7.1 Randomized Benchmarking (Part 1): Introduction to RB, Clifford group
7.2 Randomized Benchmarking (Part 2): Protocols for standard and interleaved RB + Implementation


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